Experts In PowerPoint

PowerPoint Presentation Pricing

The prices below are a guide for your presentation only. Each PowerPoint presentation design and build is different and we scale up and down according to your needs and timescales. 

We are experts in PowerPoint design so we will give strong guidance to make sure your presentation is effective and doesn’t break any of our ‘Cardinal Presentation Sins’ to avoid death by PowerPoint.

Templates, presentations, interactive, training tools, keynote speeches, pitches and proposals

PowerPoint Rescue

So you’ve put in most of your PowerPoint presentation content, often from multiple sources, but you’re not a graphic designer and certainly not a PowerPoint guru or you just don’t have time to make it look professional. 

That’s where we step in. For a pitch deck, product presentation or demo or keynotes and those ‘must land’ PowerPoint presentations, this one is for you.

From £450

Start from scratch

If this a one-off or standalone presentation that doesn’t have or need a template then this is for you.

We can either build a one-off presentation that you can tweak in the future or built PowerPoint templates to make it re-useable. 

From £1000

Use your template

You have a business template that you have to work with.

Your need your PowerPoint presentation to stick to the brand guidelines but be ‘lifted’ to another level. To stand out. This one is for you.

From £450

Pricing structures

We work on an hourly rate, dependant on how complex (e.g. lots of graphic design, 3D work, video editing) your presentation is going to be.

Tell us your budget, design, content and time constraints and we will tell you what presentation we can build for that. 

We are a collaboration of graphic and motion designers with many years working with Blue chip companies. We don’t work out of expensive offices, keeping us and you safe as well as saving costs for both.

A collaboration between OrangePeel GFX Ltd & Dowding Design Ltd